New computer same problem

Everyone knows that computer keep getting faster. Almost every day there is another story out talking about the latest processor chip that will speed up your daily computer chores. So after using the same machine for the past two years I decided it was time to upgrade.

Besides all the usually software related issues I had convinced myself that my old machine was affecting my internet connection speed. All the different free internet speed check websites confirmed that my connection speed was not fast when compared to other DSL services in North America.

So after all the price shopping, driving around town, 20 minutes on the phone with Dell I finally picked up a new machine. The machine booted up great and everything was way faster except that old connection speed. So I got my local provider on the phone and started to discuss my somewhat slow online speed. They used some internal internet speed checker and they confirmed whatever I was getting was enough. Didn’t matter what the ads said they said I was maxing out now. At least the machine boots up faster.

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